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Creating a new Seattle garden once the dust settled

A sewer pipe repair devastated the existing garden.

Now a woodchip path meanders past newly planted colorful beds.

Most plants were removed during construction.

Now the beds are vibrant again.

Access to a faucet is a simple and important thing in the garden.

We created access and a base for a hose reel to sit.

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Seattle Curb Appeal

Before the house was not even visable.

Renovating the front yard is a good idea even in Seattle’s hot housing market.

This garden needed weeding, raking and pruning.

The dark compost looks great with boulders and new plants.

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Great Year for Seattle Lilacs and Laburnum

This past cold wet winter was hard on gardeners and other people who work outside but it appears to be the perfect weather for many plants  Here are some very happy lilacs and laburnum in Seattle.


Golden chain trees (Laburnum anagyroides) are spectacular this year but they can be a messy and invasive tree in Seattle.

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Aesthetic Pruning of Japanese Maples

Weeping Japanese maples grow very large and dense.

Reduced in size, the tree has a pleasing open shape. Dennis Hopkins is a true artist in pruning our client’s maples.




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Big impact for small townhouse garden

We rearranged existing pavers and added wood chip mulch to make this small space much more usable and inviting.

Before, the space seemed unfinished.

The backyard had a tiny amount of unattractive storage space.

We moved the pavers to the front yard and filled the space with crushed gravel.

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Small West Seattle Patio

West Seattle patio

Now, this is a charming small patio in West Seattle

West Seattle patio

Before, this small space was very crowded with overgrown plants and uneven flagstones.

West Seattle patio

We removed the shrubs, replaced the flagstones with square pavers and planted colorful easy care plants.

Blue 7

Before, part of the garden was open to the street.

Blue 8.png

We enclosed the area with columnar evergreen trees, added colorful plants and created a small space for a bench or additional pots.

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Mercer Island make-over


Our client has a lovely wooded garden on Mercer Island


But even mother nature needs help sometimes.


We created a wood chip path for access and visual appeal and mulched the depleted soil with compost.


The back yard also needed attention.


The trees appreciate the compost and the client likes having a woodland path to stroll.

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