Seattle Cherry Tree in on Delridge

This is of one of our favorite trees:  A HUGE weeping cherry.

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One Response to Seattle Cherry Tree in on Delridge

  1. Bradi Jones says:

    Hi, my husband and I live in this house, and we absolutely adore “our” tree! However, I’m in need of help! I think it’s diseased somewhat, and I need any advise I can get on how to keep this tree from dying! It’s the most beautiful thing on this street, during all seasons. It brings so much happiness to so many people during the year, and its become my baby, and I feel my public responsibility to keep this tree alive for all to see! We don’t have the “means” to help it very much, as far as funds go, but am trying to reach out to all who love this tree as we do, in hopes that someone will be able to help us save this amazing beauty! I’ve been doing some research, and have some questions. If you would be willing to just sit down with me this spring, with a glass of wine or lemonade, under the big umbrella it gives, and check out the symptoms we’ve seen, it would be the huge step toward what hopefully will have her healthy and happy this summer! Please contact me at the email above, if you could help us out in any way! Thank you in advance for your time and for your admiring of our bubba tree!
    Bradi Jones

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