Drainage trench becomes a stream

 This large yard had an unsightly trench to channel rain water along the back fence.  We decided on a more natural but still functional approach to deal with the excess water.

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8 Responses to Drainage trench becomes a stream

  1. Andrew says:

    I like your work. I run a small landscaping company in Birmingham AL. Our area is in the foothills and we have a lot of run off issues. I have seen plenty of “trenches” and love to turn them into wondering streams.

    It is nice to see someone else working on the same ideas!

    • nwbpat says:

      Thank you for all your positive comments. Its great to have the feedback from another professional. I enjoyed looking at your website too.


  2. neel says:

    Looks great! Looks like you have raised the areas against the fence…what did you use against the fence to prevent water from staying up against the fence boards (which would otherwise cause them to rot eventually)?

  3. DavidValley says:

    Do you have any pipes running under the rocks or perhaps any fabric? I need to do something similar in my yard because water run off from a neighborhood over the fence is running onto our property.

    • nwbpat says:

      No, we didn’t use pipes or fabric. The ‘stream bed’ is deep enough (about 6-8″)to hold the water until it dissipates into the soil.

  4. Leanne says:

    How do you contour it away from the fence?

    • nwbpat says:

      We usually rake the soil into a low berm away from the fence and mulch with compost. The compost keeps the soil from eroding during rain storms.

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