Seattle garden transformed on the Winter Solstice

With the difficult to mow lawn removed from this sloping front yard, our client wanted an easy care and colorful garden.   She also needed paths to the back yard and a way to deal with the water from the downspouts.

Dennis’ practical, yet inspired, design was just what she was looking for.

In a few years the trees, shrubs and perennials will grow to fill in this hillside. They have already transformed this former blank slate into a garden. 

The new path contrasts with the mulched bed.

Rainy weather makes winter installations more challenging .

Now, the wide spot in this path is the perfect place for a bench.

The natural looking streambed channels water from the downspout while providing an  unconventional focal point from the front stairs.

Getting to the back gate was a muddy trek through dirt and wet lawn.

Now the gravel path ties the front and side garden together.

There was no path at all on the other side of the stairs.

The new path highlights a bed perfect for choice shrubs, perennials and summer annuals.

We completed this garden on the solstice, the shortest day of the year. Winter is a great time to create a garden. Roots grow all winter so plants are more tolerant of the summer drought than those planted in the spring.  A garden that looks good in the winter looks good all year.

Here is a view of the garden just eight months later.

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