Stylish parking strip garden in Seattle

Our client has a very wide parking strip that she wanted to incorporate into her garden.
With the grass removed, we created paths and planting beds.
That was a lot of grass to mow.
The parking strip was planted with tough and yet interesting plants that thrive in the sun.

This parking strip is stylish and practical with lots of room to get in and out of parked cars.

“The parking strip pleases me to no end. The way you all did it – just looks like part of front yard.  Strangers are knocking at my door asking who did the front gardens and parking strip!  Neighbors are coming over saying they have enjoyed watching the transition.  Love it.”  — Marthalee

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5 Responses to Stylish parking strip garden in Seattle

  1. Your site is amazing. I am very impressed to see this; i want to come back for visiting your site. Keep doing well as well as you can…
    thanks for sharing

  2. Lee Bui says:

    Do we need the city permits to pour the cement on the public land ? ( between the curb & side walk as picture shown.)

    • nwbpat says:

      It is not cement, it is crushed gravel.

      • Ana says:

        So does that mean if it is gravel no permit is needed? What about the borders for the beds, do those need a permit? This looks great, btw. Going to try to something similar in my strip. Thanks! ~Ana

      • nwbpat says:

        Yes, you will need to get a permit and it’s easy to do on line. The permit is free but you’ll need to be prepared and supply specifics. Thanks for the compliment, and best wishes for your project!

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