Seattle garden transformation

Our clients wanted an easy care but beautiful garden with a small patio for their front yard.
Their yard was a blank slate with no separation from their neighbor.image_3
Dennis created a design sketch to show how the new garden would look with paths, planting beds, and the patio close to the front steps.image_4
A new fence was added and we laid out the paths and beds and began creating the garden.
The new garden has transformed the front yard.image_6
The space was not inviting from the house or from the street.

‘We are very happy! Carrie
Now the neighbors have a beautiful garden view and the path invites visitors to stroll through it. ???????????????????????????????
This space by the front door was uninviting and the Nandinas blocked the view from inside.
The small patio is a cozy space for morning coffee.
“I am so happy we decided to go with your company! You are truly a joy to work with.” – Carrie

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2 Responses to Seattle garden transformation

  1. Tom Griga says:

    What is the edging material used for the gravel paths?

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